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Human Resources and Notion AI: Your New Colleague!!!

In the changing and developing business world, Human Resources (HR) departments have to constantly renew themselves with digitalization and technological advances. Especially after the significant introduction of ChatGPT into our lives, we wanted to investigate how alternative artificial intelligence applications provide efficiency on the HR side. One of the platforms used as an effective HR tool after ChatGPT is Notion AI.

What is Notion?


According to Wikipedia, Notion is a note-taking app that offers databases, kanban boards, calendars and reminders. Users can keep their notes in an organized way, and with its features, note pages can be enhanced visually and usability-wise. Notion can be used by individuals, teams and companies.


Notion is a powerful collaboration application for today's needs. Offering a flexible structure for businesses, teams and individual users, Notion is designed to manage projects, organize data and improve work processes. It is a versatile platform as an artificial intelligence application where you can add and edit text, images and audio content, create calendars and spreadsheets, create collaborative worksheets, create your own website and share the pages you create with others.

In Notion, you can organize both your personal and professional work in a single place, managing the follow-up processes of these tasks simultaneously. Due to its flexible and customizable structure, users can organize their projects by dividing them into sections, pages and tables. This allows you to integrate images, videos, text, web pages, etc. in the content. In addition to all these, since it has a structure that supports the collaboration of users in your team, you can share documents and projects, comment, receive feedback and make edits at the same time. When we look at the project management area, users can easily plan and track their projects thanks to features such as creating task lists, reminders, calendars for time control.

Notion's Contribution to HR Processes

We can say that having a centralized system where all information is stored is among the most important reasons why Notion has become widespread in the HR field. Other reasons include ease of access, comprehensive collaborative features, visual content integration, user-friendly interface, and flexibility. These features enable HR departments to effectively utilize areas such as policies, procedures, talent management, recruitment processes and training materials, increasing HR productivity to high levels. Thanks to this feature, employees can save time by accessing information in a short way.

Notion Recruitment

Today, traditional HR processes are almost non-existent and have been replaced by Digital HR management processes. In the early 2000s, social media platforms (Linkedin,, etc.) that enabled professional networking and business relationships with digitalization took the lead role. People were advancing their job search processes on these platforms. The reason for this was that application processes and follow-up could be done easily. However, with the "Artificial Intelligence" tools developed, a new door started to open. Many global companies have already started to work with artificial intelligence products in HR processes, especially to make the selection and placement steps more efficient, and there are even companies that produce and launch their own products :)


Research by the Brandon Hall Group found that companies with a strong onboarding process increase new employee retention rates by 82% and productivity by over 70%.


Centralized Information Repository: Notion gathers all processes related to candidates in the recruitment process in a single center. These are documents such as job postings, candidate information, interview notes, candidate references, etc. Notion makes these documents easily accessible. In this way, it helps the HR department to access information instantly and manage the recruitment process more effectively.

Ease of Collaboration and Communication: Employees in the HR department can collect candidate information in a single pool. Since other team members can easily access this information, collaboration can be ensured. This makes the process transparent and makes it easier for team members to work together.

Data Analysis and Reporting: Notion is a platform that can be used to collect and analyze data related to recruitment processes. Collecting and reporting information such as candidate data, interview evaluations, interview reports, etc. helps the HR department evaluate the process and make improvements.

Improving the Recruitment Process: Notion helps you make the necessary improvements after a healthy data analysis and reporting process. It offers templates and personalized structures to track and manage the steps of the process. This helps to better organize the process and eliminate process stoppages.


Notion is a key enabler of effective recruitment and the acquisition of talent that fits the company culture.


Orientation and Onboarding Process

Onboarding is a process that continues over a very long period of time, starting from the stage of new employees joining the company. Onboarding aims to help new employees adapt to their jobs quickly and efficiently, understand the company's business processes and expectations, and increase their productivity. Orientation, on the other hand, is a shorter-term plan that usually takes place over a period of about one week, starting on the first day of a new employee's employment. Orientation is designed to familiarize new employees with the company's culture, policies, procedures and expectations. General information such as the company's history, mission, vision, values and corporate policies are usually provided.

Why is a successful orientation and onboarding process so important for companies?

In the long run, these processes are critical to the success of employees and the performance of the company, but there is a common mistake in this regard today and in the past. In companies, the orientation and onboarding process was seen as a "formality" and not given enough importance and attention. Employers had to spend a lot of money on such planning and therefore were reluctant to opt for it. What happens in the end? They lose employees due to unplanned processes, which costs the company both time and money. Since all these processes cannot be met in a structured manner, "Employee Engagement" cannot be created.

In Notion, these processes become much more efficient by leveraging the structured and traceable nature of the platform. When we think of Notion as a centralized knowledge library, you can ensure that company policies, procedures, training materials and all important information are stored in an organized and easily accessible way. You can facilitate onboarding with pre-prepared steps and processes related to templates and workflows. Collaboration and sharing features allow you to easily share training resources and tools with new employees. Task management and follow-up features ensure that the follow-up process is carried out effectively by listing the follow-up of the assigned tasks. With flexibility and customization, you can identify the needs of each company and department with forms and revise them according to the needs. As a result, Notion can be used as a tool that supports new employees in adapting to the organization quickly, effectively, and in alignment with the corporate culture.



Performance Management

Notion is a platform that helps the HR department to manage the performance appraisal process more effectively and efficiently. It can be used to track employee performance, support their development, record feedback and store documents.

When considering the Feedback and Evaluation sections, you can prepare and share information such as notes, feedback, and evaluation scores regarding employee performance for both individuals and teams. The biggest benefit of this is that it ensures that performance evaluations are made in an objective and reliable way and that development areas can be tracked. Development plans include the steps to be followed to advance employees' skills, achieve their career goals and improve their performance.


Notion makes it easy to regularly update and track development plans and monitor progress.


As a result, Notion AI is primarily used as a central information repository, while also providing customization options. It is also a powerful tool to support the HR department in processes such as storing and tracking personnel files, following company policies and procedures, job posting and job application tracking, training and development tracking, performance management, internal communication and team management.

In addition, Notion encourages collaboration, facilitates document organization, supports the integration of visual content, and provides data analysis and reporting.

Especially for operational monitoring of HR processes, Notion AI will benefit your company.


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